Gas prices are on the rise again

FRESNO, Calif.

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Gas prices on average statewide are up 15 cents a gallon this month.

AAA is reporting the average price in Fresno is $3.82 a gallon for regular unleaded.

Many Valley motorists are filling up early, hoping to get the best prices. One business owner says he's being hit with not only higher fuel costs, but skyrocketing costs on chemicals that also must be hauled into the Central Valley.

Bob Hill with B&D Pest Control said, "With the cost of everything going up, I mean the chemicals and gas prices and everything that goes associated with everything that goes in business, were finding it necessary to raise our rates by a couple bucks per customer."

Gas prices are up 34 cents over the same day last year. The lowest gas prices in the state are in Salinas where a gallon is about $3.73.

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