Fresno Food Expo is back and expanding

FRESNO, Calif.

All over the Central Valley fruit trees are in bloom, along with a myriad of other farm commodities.

On Thursday, Fresno's mayor was talking up the seventy-seven billion dollars in it's economic impact along with this year's Fresno Food Expo that was founded in two 2011.

Mayor Swearengin said, "We really need a platform for our local food producers to have the opportunity to sell their wares, sell their products to local, regional, national and international food buyers."

This year's expo offers an increased number of local food producers, the opportunity to meet with buyers and distributors.

It will be a first for the Norcross brothers whose family has been sourcing fruit fillings for businesses and restaurants since 1942. Like so many Ag businesses it takes hard work and persistence and in the case of the expo: publicity.

Stephen Norcross said, "It provides us the opportunity to get before new buyers and it also presents an opportunity to get before the public who we are and what we do."

For forty dollars a person the evening's public event offers a variety of exhibits and plenty of food and wine tastings. Some of which will be available to purchase.

Mayor Swearengin said, "Members of the public will be able to experience, taste, see, and enjoy what the Valley has to offer in terms of food and beverage products."

Stephen Norcross said, "We thought this could be a good fit for us so we're really excited."

The Food Expo takes place next Thursday at the Convention Center in Downtown Fresno. It runs from 7am to 2pm.

Later that night there will also be a public event where you will have the chance to sample food from over a hundred vendors along with local wines and beer.

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