A four-legged Fresno landmark is getting a makeover

FRESNO, Calif.

When real estate broker and contractor Robert Boyajian purchased the building in 2004, he paid extra to get the horse, too. "When somebody wants to see my office, we just tell them to turn where the horse is," said Boyajian.

The horse stands nearly ten feet tall. In its early years, it was a popular target for pranksters. Back then, it was painted, wrapped with toilet paper, and even stolen. Now, it's being restored to its former glory. Wednesday, it was removed from its stand by a crane as passersby watched. "Watching how careful they are I'm curious of how it was damaged when they stole it. And it had to take some pretty strong people to steal that," said Katheryn Mathews of Fresno.

It took crews about an hour to prep and then move the horse. Its owner hopes it will be back on Blackstone in about 30 days.

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