Poverello House holds Christmas event for children

FRESNO, Calif.

Jolly Old Saint Nick was full of cheer as he celebrated Christmas morning with boys and girls at the Poverello House.

Santa's helpers were on hand to give Christmas presents to kids.

Parents started lining up outside as early as 3 a.m. to make sure their children would get a gift this Christmas.

"It's such an exciting day here. It's such an opportunity for us to be able to provide for these children. Many of these kids, the only gifts they'll get on Christmas is the gifts they'll get at Poverello House," Kathryn Weakland of the Poverello House said.

And after making the rounds inside Santa's studio, many kids were full of excitement and lots of anticipation.

Many volunteers were full of joy helping little ones find the perfect present.

Shaun Cuaron and his family have made it a tradition to serve the Fresno community on Christmas.

"I like seeing them come in and they're all smiles and all the kids are excited. They have their bags ready and I like that we can give them more than one present. That really makes them happy," Shaun Cuaron of Fresno said.

Some families say if it wasn't for the Poverello House, Christmas wouldn't have been as bright.

"Shocked, they were shocked. I don't think they thought they was going to get nothing," Chantell Pearson of Fresno said.

Many parents say they are thankful for the generosity of others so their children could experience the joys of Christmas.

By the end of the giveaway, Poverello House volunteers handed out three to four thousand presents.

In these economic times, they say they couldn't make Christmas special for every child, without the support of the community.

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