Valley reacts to capture of suspected bomber

FRESNO, Calif.

You could call it the talk of the town. From local beauty salons to bars and restaurants, Boston certainly dominated most every conversation.

Sequoia Brewery in Northeast Fresno looked like it does most every Friday night, but instead of sports those on the other side of the bar wanted to watch and talk about Boston and it's every twist and turn.

Like everyone else Tom Upmeier can't seem to turn away from the networks or his phone.

Upmeier said, "I've been following on Twitter, on Facebook, websites, I'll get blurbs on my phone about what's going on."

Alan Burnham, 84, hasn't exactly been following social media but tells us he's upset by the loss of life.

Burnham said, "They're taking the lives out of young people they're making war cripples out of them."

Just across the street the women at season nail and spa were more focused on the TV, and then they were on their manicures and pedicures.

Jennifer Mcdougal of Fresno said, "I'm a runner and I did a half marathon last weekend, my children were at the finish and I have an 8 year old daughter and seeing the pictures of Martin Richard and what happened to him and I have a child that same age."

Mcdougal has also been focused on her phone waiting for twitter to load new tweets for up to the second information.

Local waitress Shay Sample and Katie Froman empathized with the people of Watertown during the manhunt for the second suspect.

But aside from the speculation the questions and the curiosity behind the bombings Katherine told us the entire week has brought her to tears. And back at sequoia after cheers and clapping the questions and curiosity is back.

And while the manhunt is over I doubt that talk will cease anytime soon as we all have a lot of questions we want answered.

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