FUSD gives lessons on eating healthy

FRESNO, Calif.

Now Fresno Unified is teaching some of its youngest students the importance of a balanced diet.

Students at Williams Elementary School are taking a field trip to learn about their food.

Fresno Unified's Nutrition Center puts on weekly field trips for its students, so they can learn about nutrition and go behind the scenes of how their school lunches are prepared.

Fresno Unified Food Service Director Jose Alvarado said, "It's good to see the student's expressions when they bite into a fresh strawberry that's really sweet."

For these fourth graders, taste testing was right up their alley. While many tried fruit, some brave souls opted for veggies.

Kids got a chance to try out seven different types of fresh produce like fresh strawberries. They also had jicama from Central America, but get this they also tried broccoli from Mendota and sweet potato sticks from Livingston.

The trips also helps them to know what kids like and introduces them to what's made right here in the Valley.

Alvarado explained, "The nectarines are from Kingsburg so maybe when they're driving by Kingsburg, they'll look for nectarine trees."

During the field trip, the UC cooperative extension teaches kids about how to eat a balanced diet.

The students also got some important nutritional lessons on how certain food help nourish the body and mind.

They also get a behind the scenes look at the nutrition center where employees churn out 30,000 meals a day.

A field trip teaching kids the importance of their food.

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