Storyland vandalized, community helps out

FRESNO, Calif.

A lot of people stepping up to help out with this incident, including a local security company that's working to install a state of the art system at the park. But, nothing will bring back the priceless artwork destroyed this week by vandals.

"I about cried, quite frankly," said Lynda "It's heartbreaking." Restovich is the park's general manager. She says the taggers defaced several signs, bathroom doors, and even a 30-year-old mural. Now, a wall of green will greet children at the Winnie the Pooh exhibit instead what used to show the hundred acre woods.

"When you take into consideration what is what they did, that mural was 30 years old. That's really priceless. You can't put a price on that type of damage," said Restovich.

The damage was immediately painted over by the storyland maintenance crew - so the park could open Thursday morning.

And because of this graffiti Rob Simpson is lending a hand. He's with Fresno County Private Security and wants to help save the park he has fond memories of, starting with his own childhood. "I remember bringing my children here and both my sons are now grown," he said. "So now I'm looking forward to bringing my grandkids here and experience the same thing I did. It is heartbreaking. Whoever did it should be truly embarrassed."

As for that mural, a project is in the works for a new one. "We've got a lot of people involved. I've already talked to a lot of muralists, and everybody's so exciting about helping. A lot of people remember coming here."

The taggers created a major setback for the park, but volunteers are turning this into an opportunity for improvement.

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