Family suffers heart breaking loss after toddler drinks baby oil

FRESNO, Calif.

Mya Rose Caldera died after undergoing weeks of treatment at Stanford Medical Center. Family members say Mya Rose was only 14-months-old when she died. Her parents are heartbroken because they say it only took a split second of turning away for the little girl to drink the baby oil.

Mya's little pig tails and big round eyes are a beautiful and a painful memory for her father Manuel Caldera.

"My daughter, I never seen a baby so joyful, smiling like 24/7," Caldera said.

On Saturday morning many others who also loved Mya Rose turned up to raise money to help bury the little girl.

"We were already talking about her going to college; we are going to try save money to do that. I never believed this would happen. We just miss her a lot," Caldera said.

In June soon after giving Mya a bath her mother, Krysta Vindiola, was cleaning their home. Vindiola said she kept checking in on the toddler, who was playing in another room.

"Went to check on her maybe not five minutes later I went to check on her again and I noticed she had all her lotions and baby oils out and I saw her shirt was all full of baby oil," Vindiola said.

Vindiola sensed something was wrong but at first Mya seemed to be okay. However, later on during the night Mya started throwing up.

"She started breathing differently and she never does that, and she started throwing up chunks, so we got really worried and that's when we rushed her to the hospital," Caldera said.

Mya was taken to Children's Hospital of Central California. When Mya did not show signs of getting better, she was rushed to Stanford Medical Center. Her father says the baby oil coated her small lungs and made it difficult for her to breathe. In the hospital Mya also got pneumonia and after weeks of holding onto hope, she passed away.

Mya's father said he lost his job while he was at his daughter's bedside. The family now has a lot of bills to pay and they are struggling with funeral expenses.

There is also a bank account set up to help the grieving family.

Donations accepted at Bank of America care of Ramona Caldera 000631002513

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