Fresno family fears retaliation after a shooting

FRESNO, Calif.

The victim's family members say they just finished watching a San Francisco 49ers game and were talking and laughing in their living room when a spray of bullets interrupted their conversation.

One of the bullets hit 29–year-old Carlos Alcontar in the neck.

"Officers went out to the location, they started surrounding the area, noticed a car leaving at a high rate of speed in the area in downtown. They stopped it, it ended up being our victim in there," Mark Salazar with the Fresno Police Department said.

Officers gave medical aid to the victim at the place the car was stopped on Ventura and F Street until emergency crews arrived. But, Alcontar died a short time later from his injuries. Although marijuana was clearly visible growing in the backyard, it's not clear if that may have been the motive behind the violence.

"Don't have a motive right now. We look at everything, but it may not be related," Salazar said.

The victim's loved ones say they are traumatized by the shooting and the aftermath of trying to save Alcontar. They say he was not the target and has no criminal record. Friday morning, police returned to the crime scene to collect more evidence and interview neighbors and witnesses.

Family members are worried about retaliation and fearful for their safety. Police say a light colored suspect car was seen leaving the area, but no arrests have been made.

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