Fresno dog who was brutally attacked gets lots of love

FRESNO, Calif.

The good news is "Flash" the dog is recovering well and the efforts to nurse her back to health have come with a little help from a lot of her friends.

Sparky Electronics owner Cheryl Cook said, "It's unbelievable how people react to dogs."

Flash, the 9-year-old German Shepard and well known Sparky Electronics shop dog has been through a lot, but you wouldn't know it unless she turns her head revealing a large scar still covered with stitches.

Cook said, "I still cry just looking at her I'll look at her and it breaks my heart that they did that to her."

What they did was break into the store and steal a bunch of empty boxes. Before they took off, they beat Flash so severely that she lost an eye. It's been a week since the robbery and in that week, word has spread like wildfire. The story of Flash is now being told around the country with many of those people sending gifts.

"I mean you name it," explained Cook. "From dog bones to dog cookies, to squeak toys."

The stacks of presents are piled high in her office. So many that they've taken over a small corner. Some have even donated expensive doggie air mattresses. And then there are the visitors, who drop by all day every day just to check on Flash.

"People come in and they pet her and see her and talk to her," said Cook. "It made me feel good about the good people that are out there- there are so many wonderful people out there."

And she's hoping some of that kindness will lead to a tip giving Police a heads up about who may have done this to Flash.

Sparky Electronics is also working with Fresno Police on a reward for information leading to an arrest. Detectives tell me they've got some good leads.

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