Community supports 92-year-old Valley veteran attacked by robbers

FRESNO, Calif.

Martin is receiving some help from countless military members who heard his story. He is still recovering from what he imagines was about 45 minutes being terrorized in his home.

"And it's surprising what happened to me. It's surprising. I never saw this during the war, but I saw these bunch of animals," Martin said.

Fresno County Sheriff's Detectives say they are making progress in tracking down suspects, including the female gunman. Martin recalls waking up early Wednesday morning at gunpoint, before several suspects demanded jewelry and money.

Christopher Martin was outraged when he heard about what happened. He is a local Navy recruiter.

"They manhandled him and pistol whipped him and there was no point in that, he was older, what was he going to do? He wasn't going to fight back and do anything. And then to put him in a closet, he could've died there," Christopher Martin said.

The younger Martin decided to turn his disbelief into action. So he contacted friends, including those from other branches of the military to tell them what happened to Martin. Within minutes he started getting commitments, of all kinds of things to help the elderly veteran.

"My counterparts at the air national guard, the army and the marine corps, the station commanders all got together and had a discussion and there was overwhelming support of all the active duty people in the area. I've received emails and phone calls from all over the country from the local guard bases here and as far out as Texas," Christopher Martin said.

Martin would never ask for help, but his new found friends noticed his home could use some plumbing work. A tree in his yard needs to be removed and some assistance painting and carpeting could improve his quality of life.

Marin is humble and grateful for such kindness.

"We're just like a big unit- you went to war, like a big family. We help each other. Wounded or not," Martin said.

Home Depot has donated gift cards to help pay for some of the improvement supplies. Monetary donations are also being collected.

Donations can be dropped off in person or mailed to:

American Legion Post 509 at 3509 N 1st Street Fresno CA.

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