Residents concerned over chemical warehouse moving to Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

The Fresno Planning Commission just decided to send the proposal back to city staff to address concerns over the move by Brenntag. The German-owned company wants to build a new chemical storage facility on Hughes Avenue between Nielson and Belmont in west Central Fresno.

People who live nearby say they don't oppose the company, but they worry about the potential for chemical leaks or even deadly explosions.

"Give us consideration. We're not against business. We're not against Brenntag. We're against these types of facilities being put into our community where our children must grow up," said Bob Mitchell.

Brenntag currently has a chemical storage operation in Malaga. The company says it has a stellar safety reputation. Even the planning commission commends its work.

Brenntag has been in Malaga on a three acre lot for 30 years. Its hoping to expand to 11 acres if the new build is approved.

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