Molotov cocktail thrown into Fresno apartment complex, officials say

FRESNO, Calif.

Fire officials believe the fire was started after someone threw a Molotov cocktail into an apartment complex.

Fresno firefighters were called to the scene after 11 p.m. Tuesday. One of the residents said he was inside his unit, when he heard a loud sound and breaking glass. He checked on it and found a fire in the living room. He quickly escaped and called 911.

Other nearby residents also saw and smelled the smoke and left their homes. When firefighters arrived they found heavy smoke coming from one of the downstairs units.

"With the accelerant they utilized, it got on the floor and it moved pretty quickly. And heat normally rises, so it was in a bottom apartment, it went upstairs to the topside of their apartment and did quite a bit of damage," said Reggie Zellous, Fresno Fire Department.

In total, two units were destroyed and one unit was damaged. The Red Cross responded to help displaced residents with housing.

Over the past few months, Fresno firefighters have responded to several arsons, but it's unknown if this particular fire is related. The Fresno Police Department is also aiding in the investigation.

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