Malos Hechos motorcycle club made up of Bulldog gang members, police say

FRESNO, Calif.

Police say the motorcycle group is using this club as a front for all sorts of crimes. One of the most disturbing was caught on tape last month.

Christopher Martinez and his son, Christopher Martinez Junior are two of four men being charged in a brutal beating outside the Crossroads bar in early March.

Fresno police say the innocent victims did not know the suspects before a confrontation inside the bar that was taken outside. The video shows the victims being kicked and repeatedly hit after an argument.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said, "As you saw by the video, these are individuals that are extremely violent and they operate in numbers, like most cowards do."

In November, the Martinez' say they started the motorcycle group they named, Malos Hechos, or "badly made." They claim it was born as a way for gang members to leave that lifestyle and do something positive.

Christopher Martinez Junior does not deny his gang ties.

Sontaya asked, "Are you guys gang members? Bulldog gang members? Lewis Street Bulldogs?"

Christopher Martinez Junior replied, "We are. We're Bulldogs, but we're Bulldogs on motorcycles. We are in a motorcycle club, a family club though."

The father and son deny being present or taking part in the beat down outside the bar. In fact, they say they are kind, good natured men involved in charity work that helps improve the lives of children in Southeast Fresno. But, the chief says there's no way they are who they claim to be.

Chief Dyer explained, "The crimes that they are involved in are obviously drug sales, they are involved in firearms possession certainly, I don't know if they are involved in firearms sales, but we will look at that."

According to the club president, Malos Hechos has strict rules, members must not drink and drive, start any trouble or use drugs. But police say one of the members, along with his girlfriend, were selling meth and had it packaged for sale Wednesday during a search of their home on Calaveras. Despite this, and other evidence police collected during several probation searches- the Martinez' say they don't like how they are being treated.

"The police chief called this a gang and that you guys are cowards. How do you feel being labeled as that?" asked Sontaya.

Christopher Martinez Senior replied, "I feel bad. I feel bad, you know- coming from another gang member, Chief Dyer is the same way, with his gang of police, you know."

Both the Martinez' are being charged with assault with a deadly weapon with gang enhancements. But they say they have no plans to shut down their club.


WARNING: This footage contains material that some viewers may find disturbing due to explicit language and/or the graphic nature of the material.

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