Visalia third-grader saves best friend by performing Heimlich maneuver

Saturday, February 23, 2019
Visalia 9-year-old saves best friend by performing Heimlich maneuver
Third-grader Jake Robison jumped into action at recess earlier this week when his best friend Colton was choking on cookies.

Colton Domingues and Jake Robison stood in front of a crowded cafeteria Friday afternoon as they told a story they'll never forget.

"My best friend Jake right here saved my life while I was choking on an Oreo," Colton said.

At recess on Wednesday, Colton was snacking on some mini Oreos, when another friend did something funny, making him laugh, which caused him to start choking.

Luckily for Colton, his best friend Jake saw what was happening and immediately started to perform the Heimlich maneuver on Colton.

After a few seconds, the cookies stuck in Colton's throat came out.

"I said thank you, Jake, and I gave him a hug," Colton said.

"Well my dad taught me when I was little, cause when I choked on bacon," Jake said. "He told me what to do and stuff."

It's been a few years since Jake's father performed the Heimlich on him.

He showed Jake how to do it, but never thought his son would have to use it.

"Just proud," Ryan Robison said. "Nothing else I can say, just proud of the boy."

Robison is a sergeant with Dinuba Police, so he's used to being in the middle of chaotic situations.

He says he's never received a life-saving award, but now he can say that his nine-year-old son has.

Linwood Elementary School presented Jake with a Super Hero Award for going above and beyond to help a student in need.

"I'm glad the school's doing this," Robison said. "We live in an age where people's reaction nowadays is to grab a cell phone, rather than to act like he did. I'm very proud of his actions, obviously."

Memories from elementary school are fragmented and fuzzy.

But some stick, and for Jake and Colton, this is a memory that won't fade away.

"Yeah, probably my whole life, I'll remember it," Jake said.

"Yeah we have to remember it," Colton added.

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