Cannabis businesses across the Valley celebrate 420

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Change is a frequent factor in the cannabis business, but April 20 is consistent year after year.

"Every year that's kind of the cannabis users holiday," said Tammy Murray, CEO of CannaCanHelp. "Our first 420 celebration was in 2009, I can't believe it I'm thinking gosh it has been ten years."

Murray has been running CannaCanHelp in Visalia for over ten years, and in that span of time the laws around the marijuana industry shifted many times, including in Tulare County.

"We also recognize that there are cities that have safely regulated the industry and they are profiting from that, and we want to support those cities that have found a way to do that," said Tulare County board supervisor Kuyler Crocker.

Four cities in the county are now in the recreational marijuana game, with Woodlake leading the way. The city collected more than $200,000 from the business last year.

"When properly regulated, it can generate some additional revenue to help with some aspects of their city government," Crocker said.

Murray's business lies under the jurisdiction of Visalia. It is a medical dispensary so she can operate just fine, but recreational sales in Visalia seem distant.

"Had some meetings with the Visalia leaders and I think what's going to happen is nothing until 2020," she said. "We're all holding our breath for 2020."

At her company's 420 celebration, Murray said the business is a personal one for her. She's a war veteran and credits cannabis with helping her when she got back.

"I have PTSD and I don't like the pills the VA gave me, I couldn't be functional, with cannabis I can be functional," she said.

As the business keeps changing Murray is ready to keep up.

"We're at the tipping point of this, and I'm proud of it because we were obviously one of the pioneers," she said.

The 4/20 weekend celebration will continue into Sunday. They'll be out here just off Avenue 304 from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.
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