Dine and Dish: North Fork BBQ in North Fork

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Friday, May 3, 2024
Dine and Dish: North Fork BBQ in North Fork
A scenic drive can help refresh your mind and fill your belly if you know where to go.

MADERA COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- North Fork BBQ may be located in a small town in Madera County, but it draws customers from all over.

The setting is perfect for an outdoor meal.

Nine miles from Bass Lake, you come across a sight for hungry eyes on Road 222.

"Our restaurantis lodgedon the side of a mountain, and so we have a stream that goes right under the restaurant," said owner Trevor Seward.

He shared his approach to BBQ, "With the family being from the south, the pulled pork influences, the Alabama white sauce influences. So when we made the restaurant, we said, let's not just stick to one genre. Let's be a hybrid of BBQ."

Locals and area workers pack the place because the staff goes big on everything they do, like the tri-tip sandwiches.

"It just became muscle memory," explains Tony Harris in the kitchen. "Like the look of it, how much is going to fit on the bun, what looks good on the bun as far as the mound goes. Height and presentation is always a big key."

Towering sandwiches match the mountains you marvel at outside.

"We're huge on presentation here. I want every single sandwich to look beautiful," explains Trevor. "We have a Carolina-style pulled pork sandwich with lemon poppy seed slaw on top of a fresh bun from Max's Artisan down in Fresno."

The restaurant serves hundreds of those pulled pork sandwiches a day.

But that's not all they serve.

"We have some chicken thighs, linguica, a chicken quarter, some tri-tip that we do over in our Santa Maria pit, and then we have a fresh Kern green salad," explains Trevor.

The produceis freshly pickedfrom down the road at the Kern Family Farm.

Before opening this restaurant, Trevor served in the US Marine Corps, so veterans filled his walls and the tables. It's become a popular meeting spot for those who served.

BBQ sauces range from the mustard-based Carolina Gold to the mayonnaise-based Alabama white sauce, which is perfect with chicken.

The rice pilaf and baked beans are also delicious, based onTrevor's mom'srecipes.

The restaurant recently moved to North Fork from Oakhurst, and Trevor says word has quickly spread beyond the foothills: "What blew us away is how many people from Bass Lake, Oakhurst, Yosemite Lakes Park, and now Madera and Fresno are starting to come up."

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