California Proposition 28: Art and music education funding explained

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Wednesday, October 19, 2022
CA Prop 28: Art, music education funding without raising taxes?
More money for California art and music education programs without raising taxes? That's what Prop 28 is proposing. Here's what you need to know

SAN FRANCISCO -- When California school districts face budget shortfalls, it always feels like art and music programs are the first thing to get cut. That is the issue that Proposition 28 in the 2022 election in California aims to address.

But the novel approach of the measure is what is generating some buzz.

Here's what you need to know about the measure:

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What is Prop 28?

This measure would set aside dedicated funds from the state's budget to guarantee that all public school students have access to high-quality arts and music programs.

The funding would not be secured through an additional tax, but rather through a legislative requirement. The measure sets up that requirement that funds be specifically bookmarked for these programs, and only these programs.

But some argue that the money would come at the expense of other state-funded programs since there is no new revenue source.

Who is supporting Prop 28?

Prop 28 is supported by numerous famous California musicians, actors, and media industry executives. It's also supported by labor unions, local art/music/education groups, and the California Teachers Association.

Who is against Prop 28?

No official opposition has been filed.

What about the Democrat and Republican parties?

The California Democratic Party is in favor of the measure. The California Republican Party is neutral on the issue

What happens if the proposition passes?

School districts would have specific funds allocated for these programs and would have to report on how the money is used and what specific programs were funded. It's estimated that this would increase state education spending by $800 million to $1 billion per year.

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