Clovis veteran who lost twin brother to Afghan war hit by another tragedy

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022
Clovis veteran who lost twin to Afghan war hit by another tragedy
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In 2010, the Clovis community mourned alongside the Piercy family after Army Staff Sgt. Brian Piercy was killed in the Afghanistan war.

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Tragedy struck the Piercy family of Clovis in 2010 when Staff Sgt. Brian Piercy was killed in the Afghanistan war.

He would be one of eight Buchanan High graduates killed in the conflict.

Now the Piercy family is facing another life-altering incident, this time with Brian's twin brother Eric.

In 2010, the community mourned alongside the Piercy family after 27-year-old Army Staff Sergeant Brian Piercy was killed in the Afghanistan war.

Brian's twin brother, Eric, and younger brother Kevin, veterans themselves, have been trying to heal and move forward with their lives ever since.

Eric has built a life in Texas. He married his wife Ashley in December of last year.

The two blended their nine children to create a family in which Eric was the sole provider.

Then, as his younger brother Kevin explains, Memorial Day of this year Eric fell while climbing into an above ground pool and hitting his head on the bottom.

"When that happened it was just immediate. Lost all sensation, immediately had been transformed into a tetraplegic," said Kevin Piercy.

Eric has lost most of the mobility in his arms and legs and now needs a wheelchair to get around.

He's been going to rehabilitation and has been trying to learn how to walk again.

But the family is in a race against time to get him the help he needs. Doctors say the first six months are critical and Kevin says Eric is determined to get back on his feet.

"He wants to be that 1% chance of that, you know, those miracle cases that we get and if anyone is going to do it, it's going to be him," Kevin said.

But, beyond Eric's determination, there's a reality of the cost of rehabilitation, modifications to make his home accessible and supporting his family in day-to-day life.

"Being able to provide for the family in just the most basic ways is proving to be difficult you know," Kevin said.

That's why they've created a GoFundMe page to help with immediate and long-term medical costs, a wheelchair accessible vehicle, and money to support his wife and 9 children.

Eric has been accepted to a rehabilitation center in Denver and, while insurance will cover some of the cost, it doesn't cover everything, including transportation.

"Eric remains very optimistic as he's working to get his life back and pursue a good future for himself and his family," Kevin said. "It's really amazing to see and I know we are all very grateful for any support anybody can give."

The Piercy family says while this has been a tough time they are rolling with the punches and continuing to push forward.

You can find the family's GoFundMe here.