Made in the Valley: Clovis company helping farmers monitor crops around the world

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Clovis, California may be a long ways away from Brazil, but technology software company Agrian is helping monitor crops and land from afar. The business was sparked out of a common problem.

Nish Majarian, CEO of Agrian, said, "There's a growing and irreversible trend of more documentation, more paperwork, more local, state, and federal rules associated with growing."

The software company allows farmers to ditch the papers and modernize their work to see how their farms are operating. Greg Musson with Gar Tootelian is one of their local clients. They use the software to help their plant doctors.

"It's a big part of what we do to stay legal in the state of California, it's a lot of work. Without technology, there would be no farming in California today, without Agrian software we would not be doing this business today."

Agrian employs people worldwide. It's Clovis office is the main headquarters filled with engineers, support staff, and Fresno State interns. They recently just surpassed 1-billion compliance check acres with its prescription writing system and the largest of its kind.

"We feel like we're one of the, if not the leading, Ag technology platform. We just want to extend that into more markets. We're not in Europe today, we hope to be in Europe soon, we're not in Asia, but we will be in Asia soon," said Majarian.

With consumers becoming more conscious about growing practices and where their food comes from, Majarian only sees this technology growing to connect the farmer to the company and one day the consumer.

Agrian has worked with well-known companies such as Lamb Wesson Potatoes, which is used as french fries in well-known fast food restaurants, Sunmaid, and even Wawona peaches. They say they look forward to working with more companies in the future across the world.
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