Buying made in the Valley products this Christmas

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresh fruit from the Valley is being picked just for you. The fruitful market is the newest delivery box to your doorstep.

"The Valley has so much to offer. There's so much that's grown here and so much to share with other people so that's what we wanted to do. We wanted to share the fruits of our labors. We grow all these fruits and we want to share them with you," said Angela Hernandez, Trinity Fruit Company marketing director.

The company launched their box online. It's filled with seasonal fruit like oranges, kiwis and pomegranates. The cost starts at $35 plus shipping.

In the South Valley, Keenan Farms has grown pistachios in Kettleman City since 1972. They're the oldest pistachio processor in California. You can find Keenan pistachios at Save Marts, Grocery Outlets and Amazon.

"We love what we do and we just want to be able to share our pistachios with as many people as possible. So, you know, the online space is definitely a different ball game than the traditional pistachio industry is used to, but we're so excited to be growing with the times and trying new things, we're always open to, you know, testing out new ideas," said Elizabeth Keenan with Keenan Farms.

In the North Valley, the Lopes family has ranched for four generation in the Gustine area.

Now they're taking that beef and offering beef boxes directly to your doorstep.

"For the first time, our family is marketing directly to our end consumer, having conversations with the people that are actually consuming our beef. And so it's a really exciting time for our family," said Tony Lopes, Sustainibeef founder.

Subscription boxes are around $120 a month and come with several cuts of meat, connecting the cattle rancher and consumers directly.

Ready to eat fruit from the farm to your table? Just one of the many products that are grown and raised right here in the Valley.
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