Retired Australian couple have spent 450+ days sailing the seas

Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Retired Australian couple have spent 450+ days sailing the seas
An Australian couple have booked 51 cruises as they spend their retirement sailing the seas.

NEW YORK -- A cruise ship can be a great vacation getaway, but how about spending retirement with your partner of 53 years on one?

Retired Australian couple Marty and Jessica Ansen revealed they have been aboard the Coral Princess cruise ship for more than 450 straight days.

The nautical adventure started last summer, when Marty told his travel agent back home in Australia, to book as many cruises in a row as possible if it was affordable.

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"We think it's for us; it's more cost effective than a retirement village," Ansen said. "But it may not be for everybody."

This couple's day usually starts at 5:30 a.m. by playing ping pong together, and they spend the rest of it enjoying different activities on the cruise ship.

The couple said they receive great treatment from staff members and look forward to every day.

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"It's a party every day," Ansen said. "We even have some alcohol sometimes."

The couple is booked on the Coral Princess through August of next year, and say they love their lifestyle.