Truck drivers continue critical work amid COVID-19

Marshall has a long road ahead of him.

After a series of deliveries and pick-ups in California, he'll make the cross-country trip home to North Carolina.

As coronavirus forces many Americans to change the way they work, truck drivers like Marshall are sticking to their routes, performing the critical work of moving goods from place to place.

"New territory for everybody, and it's a very bad situation apparently. Hopefully actions that people take can try and keep down the number of people that actually become affected," he says.

Marshall is taking actions to protect himself, including wearing gloves and washing his hands.

He has to be especially careful because he has an underlying medical condition.

"I'm trying to listen to what they're saying about this. And I have a bad lung, so if I catch the coronavirus, apparently, they say I'll be in serious trouble."

There was no shortage of big rigs parked at Flying J in Tulare on Friday.

Their driver's lounge is closed, but laundry and showers remain open.

If there's one benefit for truck drivers, Brayan Monterroso says it's that the roads are less congested.

He will continue to do his necessary job, as most people are asked to stay home.

"We carry all the products that everyone uses so if we stop, the whole California economy will stop," says Monterroso.

The California Trucking Association says their staff is already working to get clarification and guidance on Governor Gavin Newsom's stay-at-home order.

Their CEO adds: "We urge our members to exercise your best judgment during these times and institute best practices to ensure our essential workforce remains healthy and that we can continue to keep the nation's supply chain moving."
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