CSU campuses may see tuition raises. Here's what it could mean for students

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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
CSU may need to raise tuition. Here's what it could mean for students
A new report found that tuition increases at Cal State may be necessary for the financial well-being of the university system.

SAN FRANCISCO -- A new report found that tuition increases at Cal State may be necessary for the financial well-being of the university system. The suggestion is to raise tuition in the fall of 2024.

The class of 2023 never once saw their tuition increase during the four years they were enrolled in any of the CSUs.

Since 2011 there has been only one tuition increase and that was a 5% hike in 2017. Meanwhile, the university system says their expenses continue to go up.

The CSU system mainly relies on two revenue streams: state funding and tuition.

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Fiscal advisers representing all 23 colleges say it's time to bring more money in.

Wages have gone up, and buildings are in need of upgrades and repairs.

Students like Ben Elisco say CSU should put their needs first.

"I support our staff," Elisco said. "I think that the people who work at City Eats, the library, our teachers are very vital but they have to take into consideration that the students are the foundations of school."

Most students like Edgar Escatel who attend a CSU don't pay the full tuition.

Still, he says any tuition hike would be added pressure on him and his family.

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"Filing for FAFSA again and having to look for other jobs as well as my parents," Escatel said.

The report recommends several ways to possibly increase revenue. One is to impose a 3% hike through 2030.

In the case of a student starting in 2024, the tuition would go up to $5,914--eventually reaching $6,856 by 2030.

The report says any increase should be gradual, moderate, and predictable.

"I would probably have to take out a bigger loan," Escatel said.

The report suggests that the Cal State board will vote on the matter by September of this year.

"I think it makes it harder to see my dreams," Escatel said.

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