CVS to stop using altered images in ads by 2020

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Monday, January 15, 2018
CVS to stop using altered images in ads by 2020
CVS will stop using altered images by 2020.

In an effort to combat the "propagation of unrealistic body images," CVS Pharmacy has committed to stop using altered images for their marketing materials.

CVS said via press release, "For this initiative, materially altered is defined as changing or enhancing a person's shape, size, proportion, skin or eye color, wrinkles or any other individual characteristics."

The company has created a special logo called the "CVS Beauty Mark" that will appear on images that are not altered. CVS plans to end the use of altered images by 2020.

"The connection between the propagation of unrealistic body images and negative health effects, especially in girls and young women, has been established," said Helena Foulkes, President of CVS Pharmacy and Executive Vice President, CVS Health. "As a purpose-led company, we strive to do our best to assure all of the messages we are sending to our customers reflect our purpose of helping people on their path to better health."