Bono, the Edge take musical journey through U2's past with David Letterman in 'A Sort Of Homecoming'

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Friday, March 17, 2023
Bono & the Edge go back to the basics, revisit decades of U2 songs
The new Disney+ documentary special "Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming, with Dave Letterman," takes us to Dublin, and digs into the songs U2 has written over the course of 40 years.

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES -- "Bono & the Edge: A Sort of Homecoming" features the U2 musicians showing their friend David Letterman around their hometown of Dublin, Ireland. Mixed in with interviews Dave did with the two band members, we also hear them play some of their best known songs in new, reimagined ways.

"We're going back to being children here aren't we the Edge? I think so," said Bono.

U2's front man Bono and lead guitarist the Edge take us on a musical and personal journey for the Disney+ documentary, "Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming, With Dave Letterman."

The film is part documentary, part travel adventure... and along with plenty of music, there are stories about their writing process... and their legacy.

"The songs brought us here, that's what I get back to. The songs!" said the Edge. "I could get up one morning, start a song that becomes a very famous piece that might be around well after I'm gone. So it's like what else would I want to do with my day?"

Letterman serves as our "tour guide"... and says he was amazed to witness the duo's creative force.

"They've been together so long, had so many hits, they can't stop. Once the switch is thrown it stays thrown," said Letterman. "And to be around this, you have the history and to be around it as a living exhibit, it's like being in the best museum in the world."

Bono joked that what they learned about themselves during this process of revisiting classic songs... is that they needed Dave by their side!

"You know, the Irish are really good at talking, except when the cameras are on. We're not so good at that," said Bono. "We're better in pubs. We even got him into a pub. And as you'll see in the special, some genius Irish talent playing for him and, yeah, he made us forget that the cameras were there."

The documentary will debut Friday on Disney+. In case you're curious there's an end credit dedicated to the two members who aren't taking part in the film that reads; "A special thanks to Adam (Clayton) and Larry (Mullen Jr.) for letting us go rogue on this one."

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