'Zooming' and driving: A new concern during the COVID-19 pandemic

Thursday, October 8, 2020
'Zooming' and driving: A new concern during COVID-19
Have you ever taken a Zoom meeting while driving? AAA says this new pandemic routine could be a leading cause of distracted driving.

HOUSTON, Texas -- There may be fewer drivers on the road these days, but driving may be more dangerous than ever.

Distracted driving has become an even bigger concern during the pandemic, and part of the problem may be all of those virtual meetings.

According to Zendrive, phone usage while driving is up 38% during the pandemic. Other bad driving behaviors include speeding, which is up 27%, and hard braking, which is up 25%.

With worries about coronavirus and the economy, it's even easier to find your mind wandering these days. And now, in the age of Zoom, Webex, and other virtual meetings, there are even more potential distractions.

According to AAA, taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds doubles your risk of being involved in a crash.

To stay safe, limit distractions as much as possible. If you use your phone for music or navigation, set it up before you start driving. And of course, don't Zoom and drive!

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