Here's how parents can get help buying food while schools are closed

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Parents may be able to qualify for additional help when it comes to feeding their kids during the coronavirus pandemic.

When schools closed their doors, some parents faced additional challenges feeding their kids. That's where special EBT benefits are helping to fill the gap.

"The Pandemic EBT program is a means of providing benefits to cover students who may have been receiving or were eligible for free or reduced-priced meals from their schools while school was in session," said Jordan Scott, a representative with Fresno County.

While many local districts are still offering free meals to their kids every day, the state is providing some extra help.

Any students that qualified for free or reduced-price meals at school can receive these P-EBT benefits.

"This is just an additional resource the state has provided to pull them through the pandemic and make sure they're getting the resources they need," Scott said.

Families with kids who get CalFresh, MediCal or foster care don't even need to apply. Most will get a card in the mail. If you haven't received a card yet, you can still apply before June 30.

"If you're not receiving benefits at this time but feel you're eligible or you're kids may be eligible, you should get online and apply because there is a benefit there you may be able to take advantage of," Scott said.

If you're already collecting meals from your school, that's OK, too.

"If schools are offering these free meals, as many are, still take advantage of those programs," Scott said. "Get your kids fed, make sure they're getting the meals they need."

You can apply here.
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