Fresno Homework Club offers study space, tutoring for students

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- While schools remain closed, a local business owner is transforming Her Space into a place for students to study and learn.

"There are lots of people in our own community trying to figure out the whole distance learning thing and now we're wanting to provide those services where kids can come in, get the help they need, parents have the chance to have a break from kids and get some work done," said Her Space Owner Kayla Pendleton.

Her Space, a meeting and co-working space in Fresno, will now be open to students who need some extra assistance. While parents catch up on work or run errands, students will be in their own learning pod sessions.

"The sessions are two hours," said Pandelton. "They'll be required to wear masks and they'll be in a room with six other kids, so you'll be with the same kids each time."

The best part? Each group will have their own tutor, helping kids conquer the challenges of distance learning.

"You're seeing everything through a computer. You may not be comprehending everything, especially when you're a younger kid," said ABC Tutor Chad Boswell. "It's harder to look at school the way you've always known it to be."

Stations will be sanitized after every session. There are sessions available in the morning, afternoon and evenings, based on grade levels.

"Being a part of that social interaction, having the opportunity to work around kids the same age and then having tutors who can help you see a question differently or see a problem differently in a new way," continued Boswell.

Parents can choose to send kids once or twice a week. For details on pricing and and availability visit

Sessions start Wednesday, September 2.
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