Bullard High School student overcomes deadly disease and graduates with top honors

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The big day is almost here for these Bullard High School seniors. Everyone's journey to graduation is different, but Megan Elower's is unique, she almost didn't make it here.

"It has been a long four years, but I am excited to move forward and go to college," said Elower.

Elower's life changed when she was a junior in high school. She would get headaches that were so unbearable they would leave her paralyzed.

"It got so bad that I couldn't keep my eyes open I couldn't function anymore," she said.

After months, several doctors visits and a trip to Valley Children's Hospital, doctors made a discovery, she had deadly blood clot growing in her brain.

"For 17 years I was a pretty healthy kid and all of sudden I had a three percent chance of surviving," said Elower.

She had to miss half the semester and make constant doctors visits to San Francisco. During this time, her homework became her escape.

"It was kind of a stress relief almost," she said. "Working on my school work would help me not think about what was happening with my health."

Through treatment, the blood clot shrank, and just like the charging knight on her shirt, Elower came back to school her senior year with full force. She achieved a 4.2 GPA and is graduating magna cum laude (Latin for with great honor). The drum major even led the marching band at Disneyland.

"When I got to the other side of the gate I couldn't help but smile after everything that I have been through, being able to do that was just insane," said Elower.

Bullard High School principal Carlos Castillo says she exemplifies the perfect can do attitude.

"Megan is the perfect example of perceiving obstacles that will not be in her way, and she was able to beat all those challenges," said Castillo.

Things have only continued to get better for Elower.

"As of March I think the blood clot was completely gone and I'm healthy and able to move forward," said Elower.

The next big thing for Elower is to attend Fresno State in the fall.
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