Bullard High holds mock interviews for students

Graduation ceremonies will be here before you know it, so seniors at Bullard High in northwest Fresno are already preparing for the job market - in mock interviews.

Confidence is everything.

Bullard senior Jake Levato showed it on the football field as a team captain and he showed no nerves as he stepped into a mock
interview on campus.

Levato firmly shook the hands of school and business leaders as well as Fresno Mayor Lee Brand before sitting down for a round of questions.

"If you can't handle the pressure and you crack then you're not meant for it," said Levato, when asked how he handled high-stress situations.

Levato was unfazed by the pressure and he enjoyed the chance to sell himself in front of the mayor.

"I thought it was cool. It was a nice experience to have. It was kind of smooth. At first I was kind of nervous."

The mock interviews at Bullard High were designed to give seniors a taste of the real working world and they all come prepared with resumes, transcripts and a cover letter.

"How to conduct themselves... everywhere from voice fluctuation to body language, eye contact, how to research and get ready so they will be successful," said Hope Rosky.

The interviews can be a little intimidating but after they're done, the panelists offer advice to the students.

"Having feedback and suggestions from them, from very successful people is only helpful because now you know how to better your game and create a better version of yourself," said Levato.

The interviews will continue for the next seven weeks until 520 of Bullard's seniors can go through the process.
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