School visit by NFL star a "golden opportunity"

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Thursday, April 12, 2018
School visit by NFL star a 'golden opportunity'
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A Fresno native who recently signed with the Kansas City Chiefs shared an inspirational message with schoolkids on Wednesday.

A Fresno native who recently signed with the Kansas City Chiefs shared an inspirational message with schoolkids on Wednesday.

Robert Golden graduated from Edison High.

It turns out social media offered a golden opportunity for Wishon Elementary. Robert's visit came after the school principal reached out on Twitter.

The crowd got loud upon the arrival of Kansas City safety Robert Golden at the Wishon cafeteria.

The kids wanted to talk football but Robert focused on education.

He explained during his talk, "I would not have been able to be on this journey had I not taken care of my schoolwork."

Before playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers for six seasons, Golden earned a scholarship to play at Arizona.

Robert drew laughs when he told the kids about a certain video game, "No playing Fortnite before schoolwork."

Golden wants kids in disadvantaged neighborhoods to understand academics must come before athletics.

He explained, "Being able to speak to the kids and let them know hey, we're from these same streets. we went to the same schools that you guys went to. There's a possibility you can make it out if you take care of your schoolwork and obey your parents."

Golden's visit to Wishon resulted from a tweet during the season.

Principal Annarita Howell said, "I just commented on Twitter and lo and behold he replies back."

Howell couldn't wait for Golden to visit. She said, "Honestly, it was probably the most inspirational thing that I want my students to see how you can be raised in Fresno, go on to do great things as an athlete. College student and athlete and still keep roots in your community and fulfill a promise."

Robert Golden signed with the Chiefs on April 3rd.

He joked, "A couple of guys asked me, are you gonna be the backup quarterback? I'm like, if they need me to."

Why not? Last season Golden completed a pass out of punt formation.

He also blocked a punt in the playoffs against Jacksonville so his special teams play made him attractive to many teams.

Golden agreed, "I guess that was very attractive. They've also given me the opportunity to compete as a starting safety so that was one of the reasons I was able to go with the Kansas City Chiefs."

Robert Golden will also host a walk for diabetes Saturday morning, April 21st at his alma mater Edison high.

He said wants people to get out and exercise more. Golden's father was diabetic. He died two years ago, two weeks after Robert's wedding.