Reptile Ron Animal Presentations opening a storefront

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Reptile Ron Animal Presentations typically goes from place to place giving a hands-on and educational experience, but now they are offering something new that will not cost you big bucks.

Cody Guill, who is Ron Guill's son and part owner, said that this business started off as a hobby and now has turned into something much bigger.

"We grew and grew and got so much business and so many animals," he said.

They have hundreds of snake, bugs, birds, mammals and of course reptiles. All of them called the Guill house home.

"It's fun having them at home, but it's like a zoo," Guill noted.

Guill explained business is up as they continue to book parties and events.

He mentioned everything fell in line and it was finally time for their creatures to have a place of their own.

They are now renting out a storefront off of Shaw and Helm Avenues in Clovis

"This is basically home base. Our base of operations for doing shows," he said. "To see it get this far is super exciting. I never thought we would have our own shop".

All the animals will stay at their store.

Guill said the crew would continuously be at the location caring for the animals and instead of keeping the doors locked the community is welcomed inside.

"We can take out an animal. Show them what we usually bring places. Show them our we take care of stuff and really expect to see stuff from all over the world. We've got Australian animals, Asian animals, Indian, African. We've got stuff from all over the place," he said.

He is excited to share his love of animals with the valley, and the best part is visitors will not have to pay.

"You can come in and see the animals and hang out and chat with us. We do ask for donations to help us take care of things," Guill explained.

Their grand opening is Monday, July 16.

"We are excited to share in a different way," he said. "Our whole job is talking about animals, sharing, and going places. It's exciting for people to come to us".

He mentioned they would be selling live food for people who do have reptiles.

Donations on July 16 will be given to Alyssa Ekmalian, 27, from Clovis. She is a family friend who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

She hopes to raise enough money to travel to Russia for treatment.

For more info or to donate click here.
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