Fresno woman returns envelope found in thrifted dresser to owner with help from Action News

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Returned to the rightful owner.

Angela Hoffknecht found an envelope full of newspaper clippings and pictures tucked behind a drawer in a dresser she bought from a local thrift store.

She tried to track down the owner but was unsuccessful, so Action News stepped in to help.

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Wednesday, she was able to return them to Dan Grady.

Item by item, Hoffknecht and Grady went through the envelope filled with memories that were nearly lost to a stranger.

"The stories behind this stuff is amazing. I mean, you opened up a whole other conversation for my sisters and I. We're really grateful," Grady told Hoffknecht.

The envelope belonged to his parents, Daniel and "Cookie" Grady.

They were high school sweethearts and went on to have five children.

"My dad was the rock, my mom was the ground underneath him," Grady said.

They both passed away over the last two years.

Grady and his sisters have been cleaning out some of their parent's belongings, but the envelope was never supposed to go.

"We never would've gotten rid of any of this, no. This is just too precious of material," Grady said.

Material like a letter from San Joaquin Memorial High School establishing a scholarship fund for Grady's late sister.

"Kelly went to Memorial. Her senior year, came down with Hodgkin's and then she passed away six years later at 24," Grady shared.

Newspaper clippings from the time his father helped a Clovis officer who was in a fight with a suspect.

And a letter from the Clovis chief of police at the time, acknowledging his efforts.

There were also quirky items, like old restaurant menus and a strongly worded letter sent to Grady's father while he was principal at Firebaugh High.

The football teams had a rivalry that had, apparently, gotten out of hand.

"Dear Dr. Grady," Grady read while holding back a laugh. "I have placed my last phone call to you, four is more than enough, over your students coming to Dos Palos and writing gross and obscene words on our senior patio in red paint."

All those memories and momentous in an envelope Grady was happy to have back.

"You were raised with good values, and we're lucky you found this envelope," Grady told Hoffknecht.

"Yea, I'm glad it was me," Hoffknecht said.

The two exchanged numbers and say they plan to stay in touch.

Grady says he and his sisters will be sure to double-check all of the furniture they donate moving forward.
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