She wasn't expected to survive labor, now she is the mother of a healthy child

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Ketxaly Maldonado isn't supposed to be alive, doctors told her giving birth was basically her own death sentence.

But after months at Community Regional Medical Center and countless visits with doctors, Ketxaly is the mother of a healthy child and still here to see it all.

"I did not expect this until the doctor explained to me I have to sign my will," said Ketxaly. "They didn't think I was going to make it."

Ketxaly was diagnosed with a rare condition where her placenta began growing through her uterus and cervix, causing her to need a c-section followed by a hysterectomy.

Under normal circumstances, surgery can be dangerous. Dr. Christopher Downer is Ketxaly's OB-GYN, he said her case was rare, and the risk of bleeding out was high.

"Her case was particularly concerning because of the amount of invasion we had seen on her ultrasound and MRIs, so we were very concerned about the morbidity and mortality for her."

From the time that she was 20 weeks pregnant at the beginning of May, the young mom had spent weeks laying in a hospital bed, facing the fact that she may have to leave her two other kids and family behind after the delivery.

But when it came time for her emergency surgery, a day earlier than planned, a large team of CRMC surgeons and specialists took over two rooms in the trauma center. After three hours of high-risk surgery with her team of doctors, she survived the operation, and so did her daughter.

"She is my miracle. She did it with me, we both are here alive. God gave us another day."

Ketxaly says the staff at CRMC is now her family for helping her survive, and she's excited to have another chance at life and to be a mom.

"We have to enjoy life because we don't know if we will be here tomorrow."
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