Customers want fresh fruit and fresh air

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Apricots and an experience are drawing people to the farm.

"We like to come out with grandma and do our picking and have fun as a family, divide up our apricots, freeze them and mix up with them. Just good memories," said Melissa Gunn.

Melissa Gunn came with her son and family to Two Sisters U-Pick Apricots in Easton.

"We've all been so locked up in our houses for three months and kind of missing normal life. That has been the biggest benefit. You can see it when they walk up. People are so happy to be outside and spending time with family, just doing something a little active," said Sarah Parker, Two Sisters U-pick Apricots.

The operation took precautions this year to keep people safe.

This year marks their eighth year and first time used an online appointment system.

"So we allowed five groups or families to come out per half an hour. So people had to go online and schedule an appointment days in advance to be able to come out. That gave us an opportunity to make sure everyone was socially distant from one another," said Jeanae DuBose, Two Sisters U-pick Apricots.
The season ends Wednesday.

Over at Peach on Earth Farms in Fresno County off Shaw and Dower, they've seen a steady amount of customers for their farm-fresh fruit.

"It tastes awesome all the time. Right now we have yellow nectarines that are super sweet; it's called honey fire, so it's low-acid variety. We've also got our white peaches and white nectarines that are really good and sweet," said Jonathon Hurtado, Peach on Earth Farms.

They've set up dividers and plexiglass to keep everyone safe. The fruit is picked on their 20-acre farm.
Three generations are a part of the operation from the field to the stand.

As for their famous Faye Elberta peaches, they should be in season around July 25th. Peach on Earth farms is open six days a week Monday through Saturday.

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