Burglary suspect sets garage on fire in east central Fresno, police say

FRESNO, Calif. -- A man tried to burn down the house he barricaded himself in east central Fresno.

Officers were called out to University and Maple around 4:30 Saturday afternoon for a burglary in progress.

The resident of the home says he went inside his garage and found things thrown around when the suspect jumped out.

The suspect had a can of lighter fluid and began putting it on everything, including himself.

Police say the suspect told the resident he will start a fire if they don't leave. They listen and get their family out of the house before calling 911.

The suspect still starts a fire and when officials attempted to rescue the man, they couldn't because he trapped himself inside.

Authorities entered the home through a back door and pulled the suspect out. He suffered burns on his arms and was taken to the hospital.

He will be arrested for Arson, trespassing and vandalism.