Student fighting the flu? There's an app for that too

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Flu season is here and one Valley district is combating the illness with a new app. The FLUency program distributes smart thermometers and then tracks illnesses in real-time.

"My daughter is in second grade. So I want to be aware of anything going around like strep or flu," said Lawless Elementary School teacher Cyndi Salinas

Here's how it works: Parents just need to download the Kinsa App and select their school, then staff will distribute the smart thermometers. If your students not feeling will simply take their temperature.

"If there was a temperature or a fever, it gives you steps like is it severe enough to warrant a doctor?" explained Salinas. "It asks if there are other things going on like tummy or throat or ears?"

The app tells the student's temperature and lets you know if it's time to see a doctor.

"It's that second opinion without having to speak to a nurse or a doctor to reassure me I'm sending her to school at the right time and keeping her home at the right time," continued Salinas.

The app also lets parents know if other students are out sick and school nurses can easily communicate with parents to let them know of any illnesses going around the school.

"It's really helpful for me to hopefully decrease my traffic coming in," said registered nurse Serena Dansby. "Because then the parents are more aware, they've go this, we should keep them home today."

The app is sponsored by Lysol and open to all Fresno Unified families. A student's school may also be participating even if it's outside of Fresno Unified. You have until December 13th to register. You can download the app here.
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