Coronavirus: Valley farmers offering roadside stands with fruits and vegetables

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The warm conditions this week had the valley strawberry crop maturing quickly, but farmers wanted to also offer some healthy reminders.

Heulong Siong has already opened his stand across from Clovis Community College. Consumers were urged to follow the recommended safety guidelines due to COVID-19.

UC Cooperative Extension Small Farm Advisor Ruth Dahlquist-Willard explained, "Things like keeping the minimum six-foot difference from customers, not touching any produce that you're not planning to buy, leaving as soon as you've made a purchase and washing the produce when you get home would be some good guidelines. Similar to what we're seeing at farmers markets right now."

The small roadside stands offer fresh strawberries and vegetables.

Many valley farmers have been selling their produce out of town at farmer's markets and have noticed not as many people have been out shopping.

They hope more people will stop by, away from the crowded grocery stores, and pick up something straight out of the field.

UC Small Farm Advisor Michael Yang said, "My farmers that go to farmers markets, even though the farmers market is still open, they only allow a few people at a time. You don't have a lot of customers walk by just like before."

The UC Cooperative Extension said plans were in place to help consumers place orders on-line and then pick up their produce.

Valley strawberry stands were all expected to be open by April 10.

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