Dine and Dish: Newest Fresno food truck bringing breakfast treats

The truck even offers a spot where you can take your food pictures.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2023
Newest Fresno food truck bringing breakfast treats
When you are new to the scene, you have to offer something different. The Cafe Rose food truck does just that with a waffle on a stick.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The customized waffle maker is made to fit a stick in one end.

The Cafe Rose Food Truck brings you something sweet in a different way.

The owners want you to think, "This must be the place."

"Our specialty is the waffle on the stick, or waffle pops," says Amber Rivera. "Those are our most popular items. We also do mini pancakes."

The mini waffles are drizzled with Ghiradelli chocolate or white chocolate.

They can be topped with strawberries - but there are so many options.

Amber Rivera and her husband, Pedro, thought about starting a business following their service to the country.

"I went Air Force, he went Army," Amber said. "We got to travel, see the world. Kind of grow up outside of Fresno, and then we found our way back to each other our last few years in the military."

Pedro served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Fresno High grads noticed once people get a look at the options, they have to give one a try.

"When people stop, they say they've never seen anything like this and they had to find out what it's all about," Amber said.

We had to try the one with ice cream on top so it wouldn't melt. It tasted like a chocolate sundae on top of a waffle.

If you want to go big, there is the waffle sandwich.

"It's got some home-style vanilla ice cream, strawberries and a chocolate drizzle," Amber said. "It also got a nice syringe full of maple syrup in there."

Pedro says folks can't get enough of the iced coffee drinks, including the Cafe Rose, or pink coffee.

The truck even offers a spot where you can take your food pic.

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