Beer lovers line up for Pliny the Younger IPA at Russian River Brewing Company in Northern California

SANTA ROSA, Calif. -- Beer lover rejoice! Pliny the Younger is making its 2019 debut today. Beer geeks are lining up at the Russian River Brewing Company.

This is the 15th release of Pliny the Younger, and just like in years past it will only be available for two weeks.

The Pliny Pilgrims are allowed in the tasting room for three hours. They can have three rounds and then they're out. This beer is not sold in cans or bottles -- it is only on draft, so you can only drink it at the brewery.

The Sonoma County brewery is doubling production and is making it available on tap in two locations this year: the original spot in Santa Rosa and a new taproom in Windsor.

The beer brings an estimated $5 million in business to the city of Santa Rosa. But this isn't that profitable for the brewer; this beer is expensive to make and time-consuming, so that's why we only get it for two weeks.

The Russian River Company has released details for beer lovers on the Pliny the Younger release. Here are other possible locations where you can find the beer.

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