Realtors using modern day marketing to reach sellers as housing market booms

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Housing inventory is low in Fresno County. Multiple factors drive the demand, and you may be getting contacted in an effort called prospecting, when realtors or companies try to seek you out.

"All different ways from robotic calling to door knocking to reaching out to old clients," said real estate expert Don Scordino.

Scordino has more than 40 years of real estate experience and has seen prospecting change.

Now it's gone modern.

Social media has been a popular way to market, especially during the pandemic. From Facebook posts to TikTok videos.

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"All of us have a very active social media presence. We connect with not only our sphere of influence but also people that we don't know through there. It's a great network to connect with many people instead of talking with one person at a time," said Darren Wade with Strive Real Estate Group.

Darren Wade and his wife Kam Singh Wade make videos about real estate trends, selling your home and give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at their personal and professional lives.

Some are funny, and some are serious.

"Some people might have the misperception of realtors that we're just a salesperson. Social media allows me the opportunity to show my viewers I'm just a normal person trying to help buyers buy homes," said Kam Singh Wade.
The mom of three says opening up her life allows her to connect and teach people about the market.

That connection, she says, can make a difference when it comes time to sell.

Although some areas are seeing more marketing, experts say it's all areas of town that could be a fit for the perfect buyer.

With the housing inventory so low, experts say they don't expect the marketing efforts to slow down anytime soon. If you're contacted by someone, they recommend you work with a licensed professional.
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