Fresno Unified unveils new Fresno High School logo

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Unified leaders and students were met with protestors while unveiling the new logo for Fresno High School on Wednesday morning.

For several months, school officials worked on a new logo that could accompany the school's Warrior name.

"I believe this is a great opportunity to celebrate our diversity and to respect our multiple cultures on this campus," Fresno High School principal Linda Laettner said.

The new image depicts the school's historic Royce Hall, which Laettner says has served as an "anchor" of the campus since 1889.

A second logo to be used for sports jerseys is an "F" within a warrior shield, with ash leaves at its side. Laettner said the ash leaves help depict ash trees, which is Fresno translated into English.

A group of people gathered outside the high school, chanting and booing as students revealed the new logo while holding up signs saying, "Protect the Pride."

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"They have a right to have a different opinion," Laettner said.
In December, the school board voted to replace the Native American logo after residents gathered more than 600 signatures last summer for a petition to change the image.

Students then voted online last month to pick the final image.

But not everyone is happy with the change. A lawsuit was filed by James Tuck with the California Superior Court in Fresno County last week, alleging that the new logo violates the Brown Act.

Tuck claims the logo change would have a fiscal impact, despite the district's claims that it would not, and administrators did not provide "meaning information" before voting.

The lawsuit also alleges that Fresno Unified held the meeting during the state's stay-at-home order, saying, "The School Board itself was only open to those that have an internet connection and are familiar with how to connect to Zoom meetings. Therefore, this truly was not a public meeting."

Tuck also claims Fresno Unified rushed the vote despite previously saying they would not hold a vote until schools reopened.

"The district does not comment on pending litigation," Laettner said.

After the school board makes a budget approval, the high school will move forward with exterior changes.

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