Fresno State corn is back on Monday!

Cheers will go up outside the Fresno State Farm Market Monday morning at 8.

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Saturday, May 29, 2021
Fresno State corn is back on Monday
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Cheers will go up outside the Fresno State Farm Market Monday morning at 8 when corn is back on sale again.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Valley favorite that draws long lines will be available for your Memorial Day meal.

Fresno State's corn is calling once again.

Customers have been asking about it for weeks.

"We keep a tally last week and we had over 40 people come in last Monday asking for corn," says student manager Taylor Nunes.

Workers are now pre-bagging ears of corn so they can be sold outside the store on Memorial Day.

They are selling for 10 for 7 bucks. If you buy inside, it'll be 50 cents each.

But you'll have to wait in line.

"It's crazy. It's kind of like a carnival or fair atmosphere, which maybe is what draws some people - just out to have fun and be around some other people," sats farm manager Mark Salwasser.

It's the Black Friday of Valley produce.

Within the first hour, the store rang up 500 sales.

By the end of the day, 49,000 ears had been sold.

"I think a majority of the people come because of the community and they get to see it grown. So when you drive by you see this corn growing every single day," says Nunes.

The sweet corn grows over 70 acres on campus - just the white corn is ready though. The yellow corn comes on in June.

People just can't get enough of a crop that just came out of the field.

"We get it to the store real quick. It's not sitting in a warehouse somewhere for a couple of weeks or being shipped somewhere across country," says Salwasser.

A corn maze-like queue line has been set up to handle the crowd while keeping social distancing.

But keep in mind the stalks keep producing until August.

But why such a fuss over corn?

"I think it's consistently good all the time. I think that's really the big thing. Our students put a lot of love and care into the crop," says Salwasser.

A year ago, someone showed up at 4 am to be first in line.