FUSD to install security cameras at all elementary schools

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Security cameras have become a way of life on school campuses across the country, and Fresno Unified is no different.

The district is in the process of installing or upgrading new equipment at all elementary school campuses.

"These are High Definition cameras," said Armand Chavez, with FUSD's Emergency Response. "We're able to zoom in and zoom out, the recording on it is high quality when you take a look at the replay on it."

The $10 million project will fit each campus with about two dozen cameras that will feed into one central monitoring station that will be watched 24/7.

Administrators hope the beefed up security will not only provide safer campuses for students and faculty but help cut down on any after-hours vandalism that may occur.

"I think the one thing we've probably missed over the years with the absence of cameras is some of the things that have happened on the campus with vandalism and graffiti," Chavez said.

Aynesworth Elementary is one of 65 campuses district-wide getting the new cameras.

The principal there says its an added layer of security that parents like and the kids are aware of it.

"It's been received really well, including the kids," said principal Cha Vang. "We've talked to them about it's a way to keep you safe its a way for us to monitor to make sure good things are happening here at school."

All Fresno Unified high schools and middles are already equipped with cameras
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