Local CHP officers say Fresno's rank in top 15 worst driving cities is learning lesson

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Fresno ranked in top 15 worst driving cities in America
Fresno is the 12th worst driving city in America, according to a recent study conducted by QuoteWizard.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It doesn't matter if you're talking freeways, surface streets or rural areas, Fresno drivers check-in among some of the worst in America according to a recent study by QuoteWizard..

"Typically it's I'm late for work, I'm late for school or I got an appointment I got to be there," said California Highway Patrol officer Mike Salas.

Officers with the California Highway Patrol have heard all the excuses from drivers. According to the CHP, they write a million speeding tickets a year statewide.

It's those poor driving habits that have Fresno ranked the 12th worst driving city in the country.

"We don't like to see it we don't like to be ranked in the top of anything negative unfortunately we need to put the spin back on the driver and responsibility back on the driver to be a safe driver and do the things you're supposed to be doing," Salas said.

Some of the factors the study looked into were accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and citations. The cities that ranked among the worst were those with the highest rate of incidents.

"As far as Fresno is concerned just our field office we respond to just over 400 traffic collisions every month," Salas said.

Officers want to remind drivers to always be mindful when behind the wheel to reduce your risk of an accident, especially during rush hour traffic and while driving on country roads.

The CHP is trying to cut down on collisions by trying to make more intersections safer in rural communities

"Here locally we've identified eleven intersections that have been re-engineered from two-way stops to a four-way intersection," Salas said.

Fresno was not the city with the worst drivers in California. Sacramento was ranked 5th, while San Francisco came in at 9th. The worst driving city in the nation was Portland.