Valley businesses feeling impact of high gas prices

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Gas prices have exploded within the last week and it's a pain in the pocket for local businesses across the Valley, like Chase Flower Shop in Central Fresno.

Their business relies on their vehicles to get floral arrangements to customers around the city.

Owner Michael Butler says they typically go to Clovis three times a day for deliveries, but now they're limiting it to just once a day.

"Gas is really high right now," he said. "We try to be very conservative about our trips, combine trips together and get as much as we can from every mile of gas. We are trying to keep our prices still low but we are doing the best we can."

The average price for gas in Fresno is a whopping $5.16 -- more than 50 cents higher than last week.

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Action Towing Dive Team has bigger trucks to fuel up.

Business owner John DeCicco says they have a fleet of 16 light and heavy duty trucks.

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The average price for gas in Fresno is a whopping $5.16 -- more than 50 cents higher than last week.

"To fill up my big trucks, it's running anywhere from $700 to $800 right now for a full tank of fuel," he said. "It's usually around $400, $425."
For DeCicco, it's not just gas prices that are going up. He says his insurance and even tire prices have jumped, impacting their bottom line.

"So we are having to do more of the maintenance our self," he said. "We are having to try to get more discounts from suppliers."

Meathead Movers is another local business taking a hit to their bottom line.

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However, Director of Operations Israel Silva says they are not passing along the prices to customers.

"It's California -- the gas prices always go up and they always come down," he said. "It's something that we are aware of but we are not going to hit the panic button. We are not going to make big adjustments."

To save gas, the GasBuddy expert encourages drivers to slow down, check your tire pressure and reduce your consumption.
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