Hair stylists offer kits to Valley clients

Wednesday, April 22, 2020
Hair stylists offer kits to Valley clients
Hairstyling has gone virtual at Wig It2 Urban Salon in East Central Fresno.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Hairstyling has gone virtual at Wig It2 Urban Salon in East Central Fresno.

Owner Lisa Lewis Yates has been offering this unique service for a while, but now her online consulting has increased during this shelter in place.

"They'll send me a picture of what their hair is doing or what is going on. We'll give them wash instructions, types of shampoos that they can and can't use and conditioners they can and can't use. If there are items in the store for them, they can order them and we can take it out to them or they can come curbside," said Lisa Lewis Yates, Wig It2 Salon owner.

Yates has been doing urban and natural hairstyles for two decades. She says many clients are waiting to get back in, so she's offering them kits to help pass the time.

Hairstylist Kyndal Garcia works in Clovis at Studio Bella Rouge and has worked with hair for 12 years. She's not able to work, so she thought of a kit to help clients who need a touch-up.

"Basically, I can only offer those that have single color hair or balayage, and you just want to touch-up on your root. It's super easy it. Anyone can do it," said hairstylist Kyndal Garcia.

The kit starts at $40, and she offers deep conditioning to help give you the spa treatment at home. Both stylists recommend if your hair is bothering you, try styling first before making a drastic change.

"Just keep it twisted up and in a simple style. The less you do with it, the better response you are going to have. Don't play with it too much. Put it up in something. Plus you're not going anywhere anyway," Yates said.

As for her business, she hopes to offer not only hair advice, but to provide emotional support during this uncertain time.

Many hair salons say they are eager to open. Once the shelter in place is lifted, they look forward to having clients back in their chairs.