How you can keep your kids safe on Halloween

The roadways are especially dangerous if someone is drunk driving, a common offense on Halloween.
CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Events are happening all across the Central Valley on Halloween and Clovis police have some advice on how you can keep your kiddos safe.

Whether you're trick-or-treating, having some friends over, or going to a trunk-or-treat event, there are some things to keep in mind.

"Under the cover of darkness, bad things happen - people are wearing masks, so it's harder to identify them when bad things do happen," says Corporal Dave Roseno.

Roseno says it's always important to accompany your kids when trick-or-treating.

"There's no reason to let them go up to the door by themselves or let them go several houses away or send them out with younger teens."

He also says to never allow children to go into a stranger's house alone and to travel in large groups when possible.

Carrying a cell phone and flashlight is also essential as well as keeping out of roadways where drivers might not be able to see you.

The roadways are especially dangerous if someone is drunk driving, a common offense on Halloween.

"There will be plenty of cops out tonight, I can guarantee you that, so anybody that's thinking about drinking and driving, they should probably Uber or get another key or get someone else to drive them."

One way to stay safe is to go to a trunk-or-treat event or something like the Fall Festival in Clovis.

Pastor Brian Cain says this is the fifth year his church, Grace Place, is putting on the family-friendly event.

"We wanted a safe place for people to bring their children and families to have a good time," he says.

He says it's safe, well-lit, and lots of fun.

"We give away candy, the kids play games, we have a photo booth, music, meals to anybody... just to bless our community."

These kinds of events are growing in popularity and were scheduled all over the Valley on Halloween evening.

Corporal Roseno says it's already been a busy day for the Clovis Police Department - only expected to get busier as the night goes on.

As for this event - it will be happening until 8 pm and they're giving away lots of candy.

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