Woman arrested after allegedly driving 100 mph with baby in the backseat

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas -- A woman in Texas is facing a list of charges, including child endangerment, after a high-speed chase.

A video shared by the Texas Department of Public Safety on Friday shows Caitlyn Rodriguez, 29, weaving in and out of traffic on a Texas highway at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

Rodriguez allegedly sped off from an officer after she was pulled over for a traffic violation, WKEN reports.

Officials said an infant was in the backseat of the of Mercedes during the incident; luckily, the child was not hurt.

Officers deployed spike strips and eventually, the chase ended in a crash, with Rodriguez grabbing a car seat and making a run for it.

Rodriguez was arrested evading arrest, endangering a child, and possession of a controlled substance after the chase.

Authorities said she ran because of warrants for her arrest.
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